Speed Up Your WordPress Website and decrease bounce rate:-

Long back, WordPress used to be a primary tool to create websites but with the advanced features, this has become one of the most reliable and attractive means to create various types of websites. Its giant system of multiple plugins and creative themes can even create an eCommerce store within the stipulated time.
The need for a thrilling and satisfying experience is high speed. For improving user experience, enhancing page views, and increasing the efficiency of SEO, we need fast-loading pages for our websites to grab the attention of the customers and convince them about our services. Moreover, Google and other search engines have started penalizing slow websites by pushing them down in the lower traffic category.

What makes your website slow and how can you improve it?

When the problem is clear, it is better to choose the optimum solution to increase productivity in a short period. A free WordPress speed test tool can make you aware of the loading speed of your website and fetch you an opportunity to enhance your website’s speed.

1. Hosting There are various types of WordPress hosting options that might be free, shared, dedicated, etc., and choosing the best version will optimize your website’s performance by taking the appropriate measures. WordPress websites must serve cached pages to prevent server overloading which might result in a slower speed.

2. Internal objects The choice of plugins, page size, and external scripts also influence the speed to a great extent. Without complex coding and being a tech-geek, you can enhance the performance of your website with a few clicks. WordPress offers dynamic pages and therefore, slows down the website in case of multiple visitors at the same time. To solve the issue of dynamic pages, it is recommended to install a WordPress Caching Plugin to allow the server to retrieve relevant information from the MySQL database and PHP files. Skipping the series of multiple steps and jumping to a shortcut can result in higher performance.

3. Image Size Optimizing the images on your website affects your website’s demand to a great level. JPEG images are compressed files hence, slightly reducing the quality but the smaller size increases the speed and PNG images are uncompressed hence, high in quality but larger in size. The best decisions can be made based on the requirement for attracting customers with multicolored and optimized images.

Apart from these steps, keeping the website updated, splitting the long content and comments into different pages, reducing database calls and external HTTP requests, avoiding direct upload action of Audio/Video files, and optimizing the background processes will bring speed to your WordPress website.
Now, let’s list the above points to gain some actionable tactics: 1. Use fast Hosting for your WordPress website 2. Page caching and browser caching are a good option 3. Content Delivery Network will help you a lot to enhance global load time 4. Optimize images, database, comments, JAVA Script, and CSS 5. Limit Plugin usage to a faster option and faster theme 6. Using Gzip compression can help 7. Avoid sitewide loading and autoloaded data 8. Beware of third-party script usage and media files

Bounce rate is believed to be an efficient search engine ranking factor that lets Google know about the performance and quality of your WordPress website. It is recorded based on the customer’s visit to a website page and exits without triggering further requests. This rate varies based on the type of website but a lower bounce rate is always preferred. To maintain the bounce rate of your WordPress website, you must-
1. optimize the viewers on your website and the content you offer to them, 2. structure your website with specific menus and avoid popups, 3. avoid leaving white spaces for the visitor’s eyes to rest, 4. use readable fonts, and 5. add related posts, internal as well as external links By following these simple steps, you can surely increase the views of your customers.


Optimizing the site speed can be huge especially with the introduction of mobile indexing. Webmasters are often loaded with a lot of work and therefore need a well-versed team of experts who can follow the above-mentioned steps. The plans offered through various teams help you stay at the top in spite of the regular changes that Google introduces now and then. Still confused about how to fix your website? Reach out to the experts at TekIT Solutions and we’ll be happy to help!

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